A multimedia study of the historical nude in art and photography with a focus on the tension between art and eroticism. For their beauty, femininity, strength, and timelessness, these women bare the figures and attributes that modern women can relate to.


Corissa Spring O'Donnell is an artist based in Port Alberni, B.C. and from Edmonton, Alberta who has a Bachelor in Fine Art from Alberta College of Art and Design. Corissa has been working on her "Nude" series since 2006, and has shown work at Latitude 53 in 2007, and The Artery. Corissa sells and displays her work independently, through Edmonton Artwalk 2009-2016, The Royal Bison, Vixens of Vintage (Edmonton, Calgary), Sabrina Butterfly Designs (Edmonton), Vancouver Island Market 2018 (Nanaimo), Raven Art Market 2018-2019, Village Day (Cumberland), Eastside Flea (Vancouver) and continuing to search for curated and local community festivals and events (Nanaimo Pride 2019). Corissa is currently showing work at Revel Bistro in Edmonton, AB and Portal: Oddities and Curios in Port Alberni, BC. 


For Sale

Current work available for sale by the artist, framed. note that shipping will be added and based on location.


A selection of ink drawn nudes collaged onto brightly colored mixed media backgrounds of miniature wallpaper, magazines, and other re-purposed/recycled paper. Sourced from early erotic photography from magazines and other archives dating from the early 1900's-1970's.


A collection of animal inspired imagery reflecting our intuition, dreams and instincts.


Ink drawings and acrylic paintings on mixed media collage reflecting ideas about relationships, self esteem and isolation. 

Black and White

.....with a little color simplified without backgrounds. 



Commissioned Work/Posters

Various commissioned pieces and posters from grassroots events in Edmonton and Calgary.

Sketches and Layout

Sketches and the early stages of work.


A selection of ink drawn birds with scratchboard and mixed media digitally placed on brightly colored backgrounds.